that's one single family name, yup.

Also known as Toni Zawa (a bit easier to remember).

I am a film director and media designer, currently based in Brussels, where I achieved a Bachelor and Master degree in film directing.

Could we say I'm a not yet reputed film director?
Yeah? No? Okay...

Before embarking on that journey, I graduated as an interactive media designer from the CFP Arts of Geneva, my hometown.

Soon after, my ex-classmates and I co-founded the pop-cultural and francophone website The Bergerie where I've operated as one of the chief editors and graphic designers for many years, which allowed us to meet extraordinary people and attend very cool and fancy events (for free!!)

Though I mainly focus on my film projects now, I still take on graphic design jobs and also take classes to better my drawing skills (what a nerd).

Also, I love pizza.

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